Award-winning musician Amanda Black found herself trending for all the wrong reasons this week after she expressed her thoughts on Covid-19 vaccines.

The debate around Covid-19 vaccines and whether or not to be vaccinated should remain a choice has been a difficult one.

While governments around the world debate implementing vaccine mandates and vaccine passports, Amanda took to social media where her opinions were not well received.

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Labelled and anti-vaxxer and even stupid, Amanda asked whether people should be forced to get vaccinated even if it is against their cultural or religious beliefs.

In a series of tweets, the “Amazulu” hitmaker said that no one should be forced to take the vaccine.

“And if it’s against someone’s religion to vaccinate, we don’t care?” she asked.

“And if it’s against someone’s decision whether it be according to the approved science or not, we don’t care?” she tweeted.

She then went on to say that people should do their own research and critical analysis before making any decisions.

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“Again dig deep within yourself, if you want to vaccinate or not vaccinate based on your own critical analysis, yes I said it, we not all scientists but we have a brain and spirit and we use both as we see fit. Listen to your heart. Don’t let people fear and bully you into it,” she said.

Twitter users hit back at the star who then asked why she was being forced to vaccinate. Amanda said she would not debate vaccine efficacy but was pro-choice.

“Why are you swearing at me forcing me to vaccinate? I will just put this here. I wont debate whether the vaccine is safe and effective or not. But i will stand for choice. Unvaccinated people do not not pose a threat to vaccinated. Everyone has a choice,” she tweeted.

While the singer went on to retweet tweets about vaccine efficacy and even some that alleged vaccines don’t work, South African dragged her.

See below:

After causing an uproar, Amanda said: “I still say, I respect those who have made the decision to vaccinate and those who have made the decision not to.

Enjoy your day, thanks for the conversation to those who were interested in engaging even with a diff view. Ndisayo connecta. Love yourself. It starts there.”