Asylum seekers and unemployed carers of child grant recipients who don’t have identity documents can apply for the COVID-19 special relief of distress grant.

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They can use their Sassa system-generated ID number.

Sassa spokesperson Paseka Letsatsi said, “I think, the intention here is to make sure that especially asylum seekers who do not necessarily have the ID number with them, because we can recall that if you come to South Africa from outside and coming here without the necessary documentation.”

“These are the people who have gone to Home Affairs made an application to be refugees so we are trying to make sure that we accommodate them, but obviously, you must go to Home Affairs to make an application send it to us as Sassa and we will generate a unique number which is given to you it basically ends with…and then that number then you can be able to use to make an application to access the R350 grant.”