No doubt she has the plug and her unmatched talent has already thrust her into the limelight. We can all agree that the new season of Gomora is living up to its promise.

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The new storyline has got Mzansi talking and connecting the dots seems to be complicated. In the wake of the Royalty Soapie Awards, Gomora is making all sorts of headlines after introducing a new cast on its new season.

We’re seeing a continuation of storylines that have captivated fans from the first season and some interesting characters have come to the forefront. The latest being, Sibongile – Teddy’s half-sister who came from nowhere.

She made a grand entrance after Don introduced her as Teddy’s sister from his previous relationship. This has infuriated Zodwa and brought back old wounds.

She can’t seem to forgive Don for leaving her while she was pregnant with Teddy for another woman and now that his life has come to a standstill, he wants to come back into her life and complicate her relationship with Bongani. The character of Sibongile is played by a new kid on the block Nandipha Khubone.

However, so many questions have been asked about the new kid on the block. Here are some of the interesting facts about the fast-rising star sensation.

Real Age

The bubbly actress just turned 21-years-old. However, in the drama, she plays a high school teen.

She is a family person

Sibongile might be a spoilt brat but Nandipha is much different in real life. However, she is reserved and loves spending time with her family. She is also very fond of her siblings.

She is from the LA

The actress has spent some time in America sharpening her acting skills. She studied at NYFA, Los Angeles.

Another actor shaking things up in the drama is Israel Zulu. His character, Don Buthelezi, has turned Zodwa’s life upside down after being away for 19 years. Talking to Daily Sun recently, Zulu opened up about his new role.

“I’ll be playing Don. He had a relationship with Zodwa, played by Sannah Mchunu, and they had Teddy. He dumped Zodwa for a rich woman and went to live in mansions. Unfortunately, the woman recently died,” he said.