DJ Sbu advocates for land first

Musician DJ Sbu has some advice for the upliftment of black people on the African continent, encouraging them to embrace nature and their “mother tongue”.

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Taking to Twitter, the star said people should go back to their roots. Blacks are meant to live anywhere in the world as they wish to, like our ancestors did 100s of years ago,” he tweeted. He went on to say that not embracing your ‘mother tongue’ and connection with nature would stunt progress.

“The more we are not aligned with our mother tongue and our original connection to nature, the more we are a detriment to ourselves. Our victory lies in uniting and aligning with our culture and nature,” he said.

Weighing in on the land debate, DJ Sbu said land was needed to provide people with their basic needs.

“Land first. Because land feeds us, it clothes us, heals us, shelter us etc” he said. The star got tongues wagging earlier this month when, in one of his efforts to educate SA about cryptocurrency, he said he would bring crypto to ‘the hood’.

He said he was taking the digital currency to ekasi to help people “learn” and “unlearn” about how to hustle in these tough times.