Local music producer and Afrotainment founder DJ Tira received his second Pfizer dose and clapped back at naysayers saying he’s being paid to promote vaccinations.

South Africa’s to getting mass Covid-19 vaccinations going has been a rough journey, but it seems to be moving at a brisk pace currently.

With more than 15 million doses administered and 18.6% of the adult population fully vaccinated as of Tuesday, many of the 35 to 49 cohort are in the process of getting their second dose of the two-dose Pfizer vaccine.

One of the many people included the “Nguwe” hitmaker.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, he shared a video of himself receiving his second dose and captioned the post, “Fully vaccinated Man. Officially a 5G crew … Bring all the theories let’s hear what’s next.“

However, many Twitter users were insinuating that Tira was paid to promote getting vaccinated.

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To which he responded: “If anyone can bring proof that I got paid for tweeting about the vaccine I will pay you R10 000 plus all the money you say (I) got as this is a “paid promo”. Sometimes in life, you must just do what you think is right and forget about the noise.”

On the flip side, songstress Amanda Black has been receiving a backlash after airing her views around getting vaccinated on Twitter.

Labelled an anti-vaxxer and even stupid, Amanda asked whether people should be forced to get vaccinated even if it was against their cultural or religious beliefs.

“And if it’s against someone’s religion to vaccinate, we don’t care?” she asked.

“If it’s against someone’s culture to vaccinate we don’t care?”

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“And if it’s against someone’s decision whether it be according to the approved science or not, we don’t care?” she asked in a tweet.

She went on to say that people should do their own research and critical analysis before making any decisions.

Twitter users hit back at the star who then asked why she was being forced to vaccinate. Amanda said she would not debate vaccine efficacy but was pro-choice.

– Savannanews