Durban: Duduzane Zuma, the son of former state president, Jacob Zuma, has called for peace amid the unrest and looting in KZN.

He joined several KZN community leaders in Newlands East on Wednesday and condemned the acts of criminality that have been seen in the past week.

“Violence is not the answer. Looting is not the answer. We know that we have issues that we have to deal with and that’s something that we will deal with.

“At this point, we need people to constrain themselves,” he said.

Duduzane said it was time for peace and unity and the only solution was to work together.

“Let’s put our differences aside. Let’s stop victimizing and blaming each other.”

Joanne Ryan, a community leader in Newlands East, in Ward 11, said unity was the way forward.

“We do not want any further protests and looting. No matter your race or political affiliation, unity is strength.“

Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi, a Minority Front MPL, said that for decades, Indians lived in harmony with black and coloured people and that needed to continue.

“We are calling for unity. We know what has happened has been orchestrated.”

She asked that communities work together to identify those responsible for the looting and protests.

“Report them to local authorities. Do not take the law into your own hands. Understand that we have a constitution. We have a rule of law and we have values. Our values are pro-poor.

“We have always worked together with all communities but remember charity begins at home. Look after each other. Protect your lives, your property and your communities.”

In calling for peace, Vukani Ndlovu, EFF Regional Treasurer for eThekwini, said: “We are all Africans. We should be making sure that we protect each other. There should not be black on black violence – an issue where black people do not feel safe to enter Phoenix, Newlands, Chatsworth and such.”

He said the message that needed to be heard was that “no one is an enemy”.

“Criminals are the enemy and they should be identified and isolated.”

Advocate Ashin Singh, the convenor of the South African Minority Rights and Equality Movement, quoted Nelson Mandela and said SA belonged to everyone who lived in it.

He asked that people live together in harmony.

“We are sisters and brothers in this great land and we are destroying it together. Bridges need to be rebuilt. So let’s start rebuilding those bridges.”