Entertainment correspondent Makho Ndlovu celebrates 6 years anniversary

Makho Ndlovu took to her social media to celebrate 6years anniversary with her husband. Taking to Instagram, the star shared a picture of herself on her wedding day.

Zimbabwean-born entertainment correspondent Makho Ndlovu, who now lives in New York, got married. For those who are not in the know, in 2011, Makho was handpicked by music mogul Russell Simmons out of thousands of contestants as the Global Grind celebrity video correspondent winner.

Her love for entertainment news also saw her doing weekly entertainment segments for youth station YFM as their US-based entertainment correspondent.

Makho stated it is 6years and a lifetime to go.

Makho Ndlovu captioned: “6 years down and a lifetime to go! ✨♥️✨Happy anniversary to the most amazing husband!”