Idols SA judge Unathi Reveals How Therapy Changed Her Life

Unathi has taken to her social media to share her therapy story and how it changed her life.The star shared a lengthy write up stating how far her therapy has come from 2017.

Unathi revealed that from January 2018, she was going for therapy every week up till now.

She mentioned that her therapist has now become my life coach as she counsels her through all aspects of my life.

“January 2017 – January 2018 I went to therapy EVERY WEEK. From January 2018 til now I’ve been going and continue to go every two weeks. My therapist has now become my life coach. She counsels me through all aspects of my life. Love, work, family, money, spirituality and everything in between.”

Unathi went ahead to reveal some of the times she would wake up smelling alcohol but she is glad she found therapy.

“There were times I would rock up in my onesie with slippers on and I’d throw a tracksuit over to seem as if I made an effort, which I clearly couldn’t at my lowest of lows. There were times I would rock up stinking of alcohol from the night before, I am sure I have sat on my therapists sofa still drunk from the night before. BUT through it all I knew I would love the woman I was working on becoming BECAUSE I knew she deserved to be happy. Which I deeply am today.”

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