If you’ve been with us from the very begining, you will know that love is hard to come by on the infamous streets of this Telenovela. It’s hard to be successful at mjolo when your family is running a drug empire and when the Khoza ‘wedding curse’ is always looking over the shoulder. But these new couples have us believing in love all over again! We count down The Queen’s newest couples that are serving #CoupleGoals

Second tine’s a charm for this saucy couple, Thando Sebata and Shaka Khoza.

SA’s Mr and Mrs Smith had us glued to our screens with their passion. Ridiculously gorgeous, rebellious, and heirs to drug empires – this whirlwind romance left them burnt out after a failed engagement.

But our faves are back in action…we’re talking breakfast with the in-laws and romantic candle lit dinners back. We’re definitely here for it, we couldn’t see them with anyone else. We see our power couple head up a very powerful empire one day – side by side.

Mzansi are all 😍 about this reunion, read tweets below:


Lieutenant Maake and Colonel Sebata are respected in the police force, nobody catches the bad guys faster than this team. But it seems they gave cupid a lucky break when they were shot with the love bug. Honestly, it’s not surprising cause it’s no secret Vuyiswa has a thing for men in uniform.

After the disapproval of their families, we thought it was over for this dream team – but things took a turn for the better. After some convincing, family members realised it was selfish to keep them apart. Now they’re an official couple and we couldn’t be happier!

Mzansi thinks it’s about ⏰ read tweets below:

The Khoza’s have a very long history and it’s not all roses and sunshine, more like guns and roses. Their love has stood the ultimate test of time, from betrayals to deaths. We never thought it would be as sweet as it is today.

You can now locate them at love lives here central, cosying up at the Khoza mansion and debating about who their beautiful daughter looks like. It’s great to see Kagiso thriving as a Husbae and Goodness competing in the mother of the year Olympics.

This love is simple and pure, and we hope it lasts forever.

Mzansi hope it lasts too 🙏,, read the tweets below:

We hope these solid couples find themselves in the love lives here location for a very long time.

– Mzansi Magic