Makhadzi is celebrating 5 million views for her music video, Ghanama. The star featured Prince Benza and it was a wonderful hit. However, Ghanama has 5,027,155 views and still counting.

Makhadzi said she’s celebrating 5Milion views in 1 one month today at SABC 1. She said: “I am celebrating 5Milion views in 1 one month today… at SABC 1 LIVE AMP..

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However, it was reported that Drama as Makhadzi releases ‘Ghanama’ without King Monada’s verse. Not so long ago Makhadzi and King Monada teased Mzansi with their latest track Ghanama and Mzansi was more than impressed. In the wake of their viral studio session, the two took it to social media to lash at each other over the track rights.

A few days ago, the two were at war over ownership of the song after they teased the song before its release. Makhadzi claimed she owns the song, while Monada disagrees, saying he actually owns it. They worked on it alongside Prince Benza.

However, Makhadzi indicated that she did the better part of the track and even did wrote the lines that Monada used in the verse. After their fallout, Makhadzi went on to rubbish that there was bad blood between the two as it was one of their marketing stunts.

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Well a few days later Makhadzi has released the song and to Mzansi’s surprise, the Monada verse is missing. Yes, Makhadzi did the unthinkable and to many, she has just dug her own musical grave. Many are disappointed as King Monada was not featured in the song.

In the mix of things they are trending for the wrong reasons and Mzansi is not having any of it. Many have gone on to lash out the track and they have even singled it out as a mess.

Here are some of the comments that flooded social media in the wake of the release of Ganama. No doubt Twitter was set ablaze and Makhadzi is definitely trending for the wrong reasons.

People who advised Makhadzi to remove King Monada on that #Ganama song made a very big mistake, the song has lost its originality that people fell in love with