Pearl is the mother of one, she was blessed with a beautiful baby boy last year.

Taking to Twitter, the new mom said: ” You get shamed for not having a child. You eventually have one when you’re ready and then get shamed for not wanting siblings for your child.”

Pearl’s tweet opened a platform for other women to share their personal experiences, Mogano Pretty said her relatives are always shaming her because she does not have a child at her age.

“Am 31 and don’t have a child, if you can hear the shame from my relatives ijooo it’s unbearable, one of my cousin sisters told me to my face that I should just find any guy to impregnate me since am working and to them, it’s like am struggling on finding a stable partner…”

35 year-old Tebogo said she gets shamed for not having another child, she said she was also shamed for having her firstborn at the age of 18.

“Am 35yrs with a 16yrs old n no plans for another, am shamed for not having another. I was shamed for having her at 18, it moved to having a child out of wedlock, now it’s not having another,” she tweeted.

In another tweet, Pearl asked her fans if it is lonely being the only child at home.

She tweeted: “As an only child, do you find that you are lonely because your parents didn’t have more children/siblings for you.”

Pearl also made it clear that she is not planning to have another baby anytime soon after a tweep asked her to go for a second baby. She said she had a scary pregnancy.

“Lol, no! I had very bad PPD and pregnancy as a whole was very scary for me especially the birth so it’s going to be a long while until I even consider it again,” she responded.

Engaging on Pearl’s tweet, Masie said her cousins turned their back on her after the passing of her parents.

She wrote: ” I’m the only child but grew up with my 2 cousins…both were raised by Mama since they were 2yrs old, daddy died when I was 13 Mommy when I was 21 guess what after Mommy death my 2 cousins left me and went to look for their siblings. As I’m speaking my 2 cousins are staying at their home…

“But God blessed me with a good job from age of 23yrs, then a husband when I was 25 today I’m 33yrs mother of 2 wives to my husband. I don’t feel lonely at all my kids and my husband are my everything.”