Shauwn Mkhize knwn as MaMkhize has finally let us in on the love of her life . The Royal AM FC owner took to Instagram to share with us her man.

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She said, “Happy Lingerie Sunday. As unconventional as it may be to wake up next to Mr. Brown, the great part is that he is always there! I don’t share him with anybody, he doesn’t hurt my feelings and he doesn’t put me down. Guys Kwa “know your worth” is not easy but it’s worth it!!!

There are times when enough is enough and you have to make the brave decision put yourself first. Never be ashamed of saving yourself because even though people can disappoint you it’s much harder to disappoint yourself!!!

From me and Mr. Brown we would like to wish you all a blessed Sunday.

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Though many were disappointed to learn that Mr Brown is actually Shauwn Mkhize’s big teddy bear, many congratulated her and commented on how happy she looked.

– Elegance7