No doubt she got the plug and the bling too. South Africa-based Hip Hop singer Gigi Lamayne saw herself trending after she was spotted in Zimbabwe, Bulawayo. The singer shared a series of pictures whilst she is in Zimbabwe.

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However, of interest was about her roots. It seems as if Gigi Lamayne, real name Genesis Manney is of Zimbabwean descent. One of her posts was captioned:

“Ngibusisiwe. I’m blest. Tell Credo Muthwa, Tell Joshua Nkomo, tell Dr. Sebi, Tell Sosobala the children of Africa are ready to learn and pick up the baton of our homelands and roots. Tell them we are ready and more determined than ever. Healing is in what we do. Politically, musically, financially, spiritually, the children of Africa are ready. We are the chosen ones. They knew it before we did. Sibongile #Makwande 📸”

Despite being South African by birth, Gigi Lamayne always passionately talks about her ties to Zimbabwe.

“I am Zimbabwean by origin. I just feel I should represent Zimbabweans the hardest. South Africa is where l was born but Zimbabwe was responsible for moulding my musical perceptions,” she revealed during an interview with the State media.