Actress Nandi Mbatha has been dribbled once again by her boyfriend leaving her devastated. The model who looked crushed and heavy with emotions, took to her Instagram stories to vent about how her boyfriend, who she has not revealed his identity, dribbled her and drove her off the rails.

Nandi Mbatha has not had it very easy when it comes to relationships and she has once again had her heartbroken by a man. Nandi revealed to her followers that her boyfriend damaged her car multiple times and she had to pay for those damages which cost her R9000. But she revealed that it is not about the car, but it’s about the toxicity which involves her man who constantly makes her look like the bad guy when he clearly hones that title.

“When you crashed my car multiple times, took it without my permission, I went a paid R9000 to fix my car from the damages you’ve done. I’ve let you drive the car but I’m the bad person. And that’s not even about the car. When you were down and out I was there for you. When I’m down and out, you’re nowhere to be found. And you make do something’s I don’t even wanna do,” she said.

“Like guys can you imagine someone drives you off the rails and makes your mental health worse, yet you’re the bad person. F**k men man, yoh!” she sighed.